I'm so glad you're here! You are entering one of the most exciting seasons of life with planning your wedding. My goal is to provide my clients with beautiful, timeless portraits, and give them an experience to remember. Taking away any undue stress and being a calming presence on your wedding day is what I strive for! Take some time exploring my site to learn more about who I am and what it's like to work with JSP. 

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Trust me when I say this: your wedding day will pass by in a blur. One moment you'll be putting on your dress, and then all of a sudden you're swaying to the last song of the night. That said, I will always encourage my couples to soak up each moment. Whether that's stepping away for a quick private dance during sunset, to having a second alone looking across the room at all your friends and family there to support you. I'll capture the portraits and details, but I want you to be able to relive all the feelings too.

Focus on your moments, while I capture your memories...

"Jennifer radiates joy
and genuinely cares for her clients."

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- Lilly & Mark

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