This is my journal on documenting love, finding joy, and living life to the fullest. I'm so glad you're here, and hope you enjoy your stay!

This is my journal on documenting love,
finding joy, and living life to the fullest. I'm so glad you're here, and hope you enjoy your stay!

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Jerrica + Lee: Married, Greenbrier Farms

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As I drove over to Easley on Jerrica and Lee’s wedding day, I got a text from the owner at the farms saying they were going ahead with the rain plan. My heart sunk and I couldn’t help but feel disappointed; I knew Jerrica and Lee would feel the same. I arrived at Greenbrier and started photographing all the beautiful details this couple planned, still continuing to update the weather radar on my phone looking for a clearing from the rain. Miraculously, I saw a glimmer of hope. It was raining everywhere EXCEPT for where we were.

The staff had already reset the ceremony for inside, but then Amy made the decision to go ahead with the original location because the weather was looking promising. It was risky, but I’m so glad they changed their minds. This darling couple deserved to have the wedding of their dreams.

The ceremony under the big oak tree in the tall grass field was absolutely beautiful and not a drop of rain came down…until afterwards! We got a little sprinkling during photos, but they say it’s good luck, right?

Jerrica and Lee, thank you so much for having me share this day with you! I wish you both all the happiness life can offer!


Get ready, y’all…this is the sweetest First Sight ever. The anticipation of the moment followed by Jerrica’s uninhibited emotion and Lee’s overjoyed expression all just touch my heart. Not gonna lie, I get a little teary-eyed every time I look through them.


Yep, I LOVE this black and white!


Picture perfect location, or what?!


Keeping with the theme of their wedding and location, Jerrica and Lee had a tree planting ceremony. They will plant this sapling at their new house and watch it grow as their marriage grows.


Too cute for words!


Greenbrier Farms does an amazing job with their catering. Everything is organic and fresh from their farm. They even have their own brick ovens for fresh firecooked pizzas. YUM.


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  1. Jennifer Ramirez says:

    OMG! This wedding was amazing! This is seriously my ideal wedding to shoot. Go you!! :)

  2. Jennifer Ramirez says:

    Also! May I ask what your lighting setup was for this wedding? I’m sure it’s pretty much the same for all weddings, but ya never know :P

  3. Jennifer Stuart says:

    Thank you, Jennifer! It was a beautiful wedding and so much fun to photograph! My reception lighting set-ups do vary depending on the location, but most of the time I have one or two off camera flashstands (580 EX IIs) set to Manual on 1/16-1/32 power. If it’s a really dark room I’ll swap a flash for my Alienbee since it has more power. I use my on-camera flash for fill and keep it on ETTL with the flashhead turned at 90 degrees to the right/left. I highly recommend CyberSyncs over Pocket Wizard for transmitter/receiver, as I’ve had more luck with their reliability. Hope that helps! :)

  4. Jennifer Ramirez says:

    Oh, definitely! I kinda figured that’s what you used for a setup, but I felt the need to ask! haha. I’ve only got one off camera flash and one (besides the pop-up) on camera flash that isn’t so powerful. I’ll definitely keep that option in mind for the transmitter/receiver. Once I’m able to get an extra off camera flash and all of those things that I need, I’ll be better off! I struggle the most in reception lighting anyway, and ISO can only take you so far, haha. The lighting and color for all of these photos are divine! The bride and groom were very lucky to have you! :) Thank you for the help!

  5. Jessica Fowler says:

    What a precious wedding with a beautiful setting! I love all the ‘country’ touches there! :)

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